Life Of A Shy Guy EP 7 & 8

On our way home, Mustack insisted on knowing my place since we were heading the same way. I took him to my place. I stay in a room self contain very close to the school. I could see Mustack admiring the interior design of my room when we entered the room.

“nice place you have here” he said.


He fixed his gaze on the two plastic chair beside the bed.

“wetin chair dey do for your room?” he asked

His question got me confused. I wanted to ask him if he didn’t know what they are made for. Like seriously, he should know that it’s there for my visitors to sit on.

“it’s there for my visitors convenience” I answered.

he shook his head like I just said something unbelievable.

“so if a lady visit you, you will ask her to sit on that chair” he said

“yes of course” I answered

“now I know you are still a novice in this game. don’t you know that it would be difficult for things to happen when she’s sitting on a chair. but when she is sitting just beside you on your bed, you won’t even have to stress yourself. the closeness between you both would stir up things.”

All what Mustack said didn’t make any meaning to me. All I knew was that those chairs were supposed to be for my visitors convenience.

“so are you saying that you don’t have any chair in your room” I said

“what do I need a chair for when there’s a bed to sit on” he answered

I still didn’t understand what he was saying, because I believed those chairs were for my visitors convenience.

“okay, since I have known where you stay now, let me start leaving before it get dark. I still have something to do at home” he said

“okay bro, no problem” I responded.

I shook hand with him and he left. I lay on my bed trying to see if I could give any meaning to what Mustack said.

The vibration of my phone distracted me. I took the phone and stared into the screen. my heart missed a beat when I saw an unknown number. I still couldn’t explain why I always have this fear when I see an incoming call from an unknown caller. I could only think of one person as the caller, and that’s Kate. why would she be calling me now. it’s hasn’t been up to an hour we left the bar and she was already calling. she should have allowed me to rest first.

I quickly rehearsed a few words I would say to her.

“hello Kate” I said immediately I picked the call.

“hi Christian, this is not Kate, this is Sharon”

My heart missed a beat at the mention of Sharon.

“Sharon” I mumbled

How did she get my number. I didn’t remember giving her my number. This was the part I hated the most. I hated being caught unaware. when I had already rehearsed what to say to Kate, thinking she was the caller, it now happened to be Sharon. What would I say to her.

“how are you?” she asked

” hello………. hello………. hello I can’t hear you clearly. the line is breaking” I said, making it look like I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

“hello Christian, can you hear me now?” she asked.

“hello…………. hello……………… hello I can’t hear you” I said and ended the call before she could speak further.

Before I pick a lady’s call, I always made sure that I already have prepared speech in order to reduce my nervousness. I didn’t rehearse any word to say to Sharon because I wasn’t expecting her to be the caller. I quickly rehearsed what I would say when she calls back. my phone started ringing almost immediately. I took a deep breath and pick the call.

“hello” I said calmly

“hello Christian, can you hear me now? this is Sharon”

“Sharon, how are you?” I asked

“I’m fine. you just left the class like that. you didn’t even allow us to conclude our discussion before leaving” she said

“I’m sorry Sharon. I received an important call while in class. I just had to leave before class ended” I said

“okay, I just what to remind you of our tutorial on Monday” she said

“I’m aware” I said

“okay, I will talk to you later” she said

“how did you get my number?” I asked

I needed to know how she got my number!

I stayed indoor all through the weekend revising all we had learnt for that week. I kept getting nervous as the new week drew closer. maybe because it was the week I would start the tutorial with Sharon. I had tried to assure myself that all would be fine, but it didn’t do much because I kept getting nervous. how will I sit alone with her in a room and she wouldn’t notice I’m a shy guy. I pray I don’t embarrass myself when I’m with her.

The new week came and I got prepared for my first lecture for that week. I took the campus shuttle that would take me directly to the building I was having my lecture. I didn’t realize I was in the same bus with my coursemate, Sylvia, until she spoke to a lady beside her. I made sure she didn’t notice I was in the same bus with her. I quickly brought out money from my wallet and paid for the both of us without letting her know. I told the driver not to collect money from her when she tries to pay. I believed it was the right thing for me to do. when we got to our destination, she tried to pay but the driver told her that someone had already paid for her. she asked who was the person and the driver pointed at me. that was when she realized I was in the same bus with her. she approached me and glared at me. the smile I was trying to keep on my face disappeared immediately. I was thinking she was coming to thank me, but the glare she just shot me made me nervous. she brought out some money from her purse and force it into my hand.

“next time don’t try to pay for me without my notice. I didn’t ask for your help” she said to me in a note of warning.

She shot me one last glance and walked out on me. I stood at that particular spot like a statue, staring at the direction she took. I tried to remember if I had said or done anything wrong to her before for her to direct such anger to me, but I couldn’t seem to remember anything. this was too much for me to bear. I have never been this embarrassed all my life. I wished I never paid for her. I wished I had known this would happen, I would have avoided it. my leg suddenly became too heavy for me to lift. I managed to plod ahead to where my first lecture was holding.

All through the lecture, I didn’t concentrate. I kept trying to figure out what I could have done to that lady that made her behave that way towards me. could it be that someone might have said something bad about me to her. all my effort to figure out what I could have done was fruitless, because I couldn’t seem to remember anything.

I stole glances at her from time to time to see if she was looking at my direction, but all her attention seemed to be focused on what the lecturer in class was saying.

After lecture, I went to the school restuarant to have lunch. just when I was at the counter placing my order, Kate walked into the restuarant with two of her friends. I believed they had come there to have lunch also. I tried as much as possible to hide behind the guy standing at the counter with me, but my effort was fruitless because she saw me immediately she entered the restuarant. she walked towards me with her friends right beside her.

“hi” I said immediately they got to me.

“wow Christian! we meet again” she said

“yeah” I responded.

“you came here to have lunch right” she said

“not really. I’m not having my lunch here. I’m buying in a take away pack” I responded.

I initially wanted to have my lunch in the restuarant, but seeing Kate and her friends made me changed my mind, knowing fully well that I would have to be on the same table me them. That would be deadly for me. I might just collapse unknowingly.

“okay, but you are paying for my lunch.” Kate said

“no problem, you can order for anything you want” I responded

“are you not buying for us also?” one of her friend asked.

“you can order for anyhing you want also” i said to her

“thanks” the lady responded

“you are welcome” I said

I waited for them to order for whatever

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